Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey! I rolled a 20!

Here we go, the maiden voyage! This blog is about one of my biggest passions in life: table-top RPGs. I entered the hobby in 1994, and continue today to love it and have as much passion for it now as I did then.

This blog will feature a little of everything: reviews, commentary, adventures, monsters, ideas, and pretty much any and everything associated with RPGs.

Also, this blog will not be part of the edition wars! I've played pretty much every edition of Dungeons & Dragons and have loved every single one of them! Yes, this blog will heavily feature 4e, Pathfinder, and Gamma World, but that's because that's what I am playing the most of at the moment. There will be plenty posts about older editions...especially B/X and BECMI (my two favorite editions).

Now don't think this blog will be only about D&D! Not at all, I'll also talk about my other favorite RPGs as well: World of Darkness, Star Wars: Saga Edition, etc.

I will also post about Magic: The Gathering...which I "got into" around the same time as RPGs.

So, anyway, sit back and enjoy my voyages into the realms of table-top RPGs!


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