Monday, September 13, 2010


So, I'm beginning work on a 4e adventure. It's not really fleshed out at this point, but I'm using the working title: THE TOWER OF MIRRORS. The name is partly inspired by the ending to Conan: The Destroyer, but the context of the adventure will center around the exploits of a 4e character I once played as an NPC. The character was a dwarven artificer who was exposed to the elements of the Far Realm...the after effects of which...well, let's just say it "changed" him a bit.

I had originally used this character to flesh out a party, but had the idea (around the time Psionics was introduced into 4e) to have him turn on the party. I had deduced that since Psionics were not a natural part of the character's world, exposure to it would probably cause him to go quite mad. He was going to become a major villain after turning on the party, but, sadly, that never came to complete fruition.

Anyway, he now has become the major villain of my newest adventure.

Stay tuned for details.

Edit: I've changed the title of the adventure from "The Temple of Mirrors" to "The Tower of Mirrors."

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