Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, I'm finally reading the 4e campaign guide to Forgotten Realms...it only took me a year or so to get around to it, and I must say, the presentation of Loudwater at the beginning of the book is excellent! It's introduced as a starting "home" for characters and is full of adventure hooks that will allow players the opportunity to explore the neighboring regions and beyond. Of course, in true 4e fashion, it starts off beginning characters in the middle of a battle. I'm more into exploring than fighting, but, nonetheless, the encounter isn't too bad.

A map of Loudwater is given with details covering every building in the town. There's also a nice list of NPCs that send players off on various adventures. The town also features a criminal gang that is operating within the town's limits...which provides a nice starting adventure for beginning characters.

All-in-all, I'm enjoying the FR campaign guide so far. I know there are many (many) people out there who dislike what the design team did to the Realms, but, honestly, I think it was about time to shed some of its years of history.

Anyway, if anything else catches my attention, I'll write a post about it.

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