Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, I headed to one of my favorite haunts (PJ'S Coffee) yesterday to relax a I do on most Saturday afternoons, and decided to bring the first Lone Wolf book with me...just to reintroduce myself to the rules and general feel of the book. I also brought an index card for my "character sheet" and a d10...because I remembered not liking the "random number table" back in jr. high.

The rules are very straightforward and easy to follow, I only had to reread them once (mainly the combat rules), and the opening "The Story so Far" really set the stage and mood for the action and story of the book.

Here are my starting stats:

Kai Disciplines:

1. Weaponsmith (Warhammer)
2. Hunting
3. Healing
4. Mindblast
5. Camouflage


1. Warhammer
2. Mace (I rolled this for equipment, so I dropped the axe that Lone Wolf starts with)

Belt Pouch:

1 gold crown

Special Item:

Map of Sommerlund



Combat Skill:

14(originally rolled 10, but added +2 for weaponsmith and +2 for mindblast)



Items gained since beginning play:

18 gold crowns
1 message
1 silver key

All in all, I've spent maybe 30-40 minutes playing Flight from the Dark. I've had three battles so far, and combat is really exciting and fast.

So far, I love this book, and I wish there were people still publishing books like this today!

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