Sunday, September 11, 2011


As far as adventures go, I am starting out with a simple, basic dungeon just to get all the players familiar with old-school styled play. It shouldn't take more than one session to complete (hopefully). Then I'm planning on running a "horror dungeon" I created called Karamore Abbey...since it will be around Halloween when I run it. Then I will move on to the actual "first" adventure: Keep on the Borderlands. From there, I am planning to do one or two adventures of my own, then move to Isle of Dread.

Of course, in true old-school play, there is no clear indication of where the players will go or will want to go. After the first two games, I will make a small hex map for the players to explore, and they may, more than likely, not get to Keep on the Borderlands until much later than I have planned...since it will be up to them to actually find the keep and the "adventure."

All in all, it should be very exciting!

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