Saturday, October 22, 2011


As I've hinted at earlier, I've been rewatching STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and I've begun to notice several similarities between ST races and D&D races. Now this very well could just be my nerd mind going into overdrive trying to tie together two things that I love, but I seriously doubt I'm the only person to have noticed this.

Take for instance the two-part TNG episode "Birthright:"

The main storyline of this episode centers on Worf finding out his father Mogh may not have died at the massacre of Khitomer, but, instead, was captured and placed in a camp by the Romulans. Now I won't spoil the episode for you, just in case you haven't seen it, but I bring it up for one key scene.

When Worf finds the camp, he hears an elder Klingon chanting/singing to a group of Klingons in the courtyard. One major thing struck me when I heard this: I bet that's what a Dwarf sounds like! Dwarves are known for their elaborate songs and chants, and the deep, booming voice of the Klingon sounds, to me, what I think a Dwarf should sound like. So, this got me thinking about more Dwarf/Klingon comparisons.

Here are some similarities that I came up with:

1) Both races center on a war based culture. They honor bravery, courage, and strength.
2) Both races honor ancestry and family ties.
3) Both races are often misunderstood because of their values.
4) Both races love to drink and celebrate.

Now, there is a major difference between the two races. Klingons were the main villains of Star Trek for a long time, but I can think of very few times where Dwarves are cast as major villains.

The other major connection I've found centers on the Vulcans/Romulans and the Elves/Drow. This connection centers less on racial similarities (although they are there), but on the "split" the races faced.

These racial pairs were unified at one time of their existence, but split due to philosophical differences and remain bitter enemies with each group swearing to destroy the other.

A good episode to watch regarding Vulcans/Romulans is the TNG two-part episode "Unification."

So, these are the connections I've found between D&D and Star Trek. What connections have you guys found?

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