Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, I had a somewhat clever, or extremely terrible, idea. Have two campaigns set in the same campaign world happening at the same time. Ok, ok, I know it really isn't a new or extremely clever idea...but here's the kicker: the two campaigns use different editions of DnD!

What brought this on is the discovering of older adventures and world doodlings that I recently found which I thought were lost. One of the "artifacts" was a highly detailed adventure and world doodle I made for my first 4e game...which ended abruptly...and the other was the beginnings of a mega-dungeon I had started creating for B/X. Both of these artifacts use the same campaign world, my created world of Amsmoria, and both of them happen in, roughly, the same time frame.

So...I'm wanting to run DnD I always do, but rarely do it, and I'm planning on doing that Old-School game at the FLGS, how long have I been planning that?, and I'm trying to get my old gaming group back together...the one that started the 4e, why not have both groups...or, hell, just one of two different campaigns at the same time in the same campaign world using different editions of DnD!

Hell yes! Planning here I come!

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